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Mice, ants, termites, cockroaches and other wildlife, all play important roles in the environment. But, no one wants them in their homes, because, when these creatures enter our homes, they become pests that can potentially threaten our health and our property.

Addressing pest infestations accurately and quickly requires extensive knowledge of pest biology and habits. Since many people won’t look at an insect long enough to determine its species, it is important to enlist the help of a knowledgeable and qualified pest control professional to determine what pests may be in your home. The pest control professionals of 97015 Pest Services have the experience and expertise needed to remove the pests from your home and keep your way of life.



Pest Management In Clackamas, OR

Our Pest Management Program involves of a scientifically proven approach that maximizes effectiveness and limits chemical treatment and exposure.

Inspection In 97015, OR

On the initial visit to the site, a thorough inspection is conducted and documented. This allows us to determine which pests you have, and where they’re likely to be. These applications may include baits, traps, crack and crevice procedures, flushing agents or residual treatments. The number and type of monitoring stations are determined as well as the intervals for checking the stations for pest activity.

Eradication in Clackamas, Oregon

Initial applications are made according to our pest control strategy formulated above. Monitoring stations are usually placed within one week after initial treatments are made. We will get rid of any pest that you may have, and will give you the best service in Clackamas, OR

Follow-up in 97015, Oregon

Severe initial infestations will require one or more follow-up treatments that are conducted according to the initial program. we will meet and discuss with you any problems you may have, and will provide timely and precise solutions to your problems.


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